If you are on some kind of Linux environment, installing the library is as easy as running make and make install. This will install the full version of the AMQP-CPP, including the system specific TCP module. If you do not need the additional TCP module (because you take care of handling the network stuff yourself), you can also compile a pure form of the library. Use make pure and make install for that.

For users on a non-Linux environment: this library is known to work on your environment too (after all, it does not do any operating specific system calls), but it might take some extra effort to get your compiler to compile it. Please send in your pull requests once you have it running, so that others can benefit from your experiences.

When you compile an application that uses the AMQP-CPP library, do not forget to link with the library. For gcc and clang the linker flag is -lamqpcpp. If you use the fullblown version of AMQP-CPP (with the TCP module), you also need to pass a -lpthread linker flag, because the TCP module uses a thread for running an asynchronous and non-blocking DNS hostname lookup.


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