RabbitMQ AMQP client library in C

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to DocsForge. We thank you for uploading your project.

To help you get started, we auto-documented your code (in the public API section), added a few basic tutorial pages, and a few advanced tutorial pages. We've also randomly marked some API pages as part of the basic and advanced tutorial.

Tutorial levels:

  • The Basic Tutorial should get new users starting with the basic features.

  • The Advanced Tutorial should be for users that need more customization.

  • The Public API should be for users that need even more customization.


: Add a documentation page.

: Delete documentation page. API pages can be deleted as well.

: Mark page (including API pages) as part of the Basic or Advanced tutorial.

: Edit page (including API pages) using Markdown. API pages can diverge from the documentation inside your code.

: More options in project settings.


The auto created API might be bigger than you wish to display to the end user. Read the help section on how to customize which parts you want to display, and which you want to hide.

Documentation pages can be linked to markdown files in your repository. For example, this page is linked to the README markdown file (extension .md) of your repository, and stores a copy of its content.

If you do have a README file, you will probably notice the [≠] icon representing changes relative to the autodoc version. You can review all changed pages through the project's settings.

Notice that you have dedicated release notes page on the sidebar that you can edit.

An example to get you started on how Getting Started page should look like:

Example Getting Started

Describe in a few sentences what your project does...

Basic Example

A few words and a basic code example. A good project works "out of the box" with default configuration that fits most users.


More Examples

More advanced usage of your project, linking to the individual API pages. In each of these pages, give code examples.


Copyright (c) 2016, alanxz. Licensed under MIT

Final Notes

  • You don't have to have a page called Getting Started. Your project page - http://docsforge.com/13/rabbitmq-c/docs/ will always find the 1st page amongst the Basic Tutorial pages. There must always be at least one Basic Tutorial page.

  • In the 1st Basic Tutorial page, there must always be a License section, as there are links pointing to it.

  • Programmers learn through examples. Having a good and small public API, each having a manual page with code examples, can be a lot easier than reading a long tutorial.


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