Installing Python-Markdown

The Easy Way

The easiest way to install Python-Markdown is simply to type one of the following commands from the command line as an Admin/Root user:

pip install markdown


easy_install markdown

That's it! You're ready to use Python-Markdown. Enjoy!

Installing on Windows

Download the Windows installer (.exe) from PyPI

Double-click the file and follow the instructions.

If you prefer to manually install Python-Markdown in Windows, download the Zip file, unzip it, and on the command line in the directory you unzipped to, run the following command:

C://path/to/python.exe install

If you plan to use the provided command line script, you need to make sure your script directory is on your system path. On a typical Python install of Windows the Scripts directory is C:\PythonXX\Scripts\ (were "XX" is the Python version number, i.e., "27"). Adjust the path according to your system and add to your system path.

Installing on *nix Systems

From the command line do the following (where 2.x is the version number):

tar xvzf Markdown-2.x.tar.gz
cd markdown-2.x/
sudo python install

See PyPI for all available versions.

Using the Git Repository

If you're the type that likes to live on the edge, you may want to keep up with the latest additions and bug fixes in the repository between releases. Python-Markdown is maintained in a Git repository on To get a copy of Python-Markdown from the repository do the following from the command line:

git clone git:// python-markdown
cd python-markdown
python install


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