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VLC-Qt is a free library used to connect Qt and libVLC libraries. It contains core classes for main media playback and also some GUI classes for faster media player development.

VLC-Qt runs on supported versions of Linux, OS X and Windows. It is developed in cross-platform spirit so it may work on other systems but is not supported.

Important changes with 1.0

Since 1.0 release, libraries were renamed and includes prefix changed to make them fully modular. Please, update CMake search scripts, configure scripts and/or makefiles before updating to latest version. See library reference for more information.

Binaries and source code

You can download VLC-Qt binaries and sources from the official web page or GitHub releases.

Latest source is also available via Git:

  git clone git://github.com/vlc-qt/vlc-qt.git

Master branch is considered stable and working on all supported platforms. All development is made in branches. You can also find specific releases by browsing tags.

Examples and guides

VLC-Qt examples are now located in the examples repository.

All discussions that are not bug related can be made here. This is also a place where you can publish your guides.


VLC-Qt can be built with any common compiler (g++, clang, MSVC, MinGW). Build files are generated using CMake (3.0.2 or later).

All stable versions of VLC since 2.0 work with VLC-Qt. Both Qt version 4 (4.8 or later) and 5 (5.2 or later) are supported but can not be used at the same time. Binaries will always be provided for latest Qt version released at the time of release. Note that Qt4 may require some manual intervention when installing.


There are some specific CMake flags may need:

  • BUILD_TESTS: build test application, OFF by default
  • DEBUG_SUFFIX: add debug suffix 'd' to the libraries, ON on Widows, OFF elsewhere
  • LIBVLC_VERSION: set VLC version you are compiling with to disable unsupported features, should be defined as base 16 integer like 0x020200, defaults to latest stable VLC version
  • STATIC: build statically, OFF by default

After running CMake, build with your compiler, depending on makefile generator: Unix based: make, MSVC: nmake or jom, MinGW: mingw32-make

There are two platform specific targets. You can make DMG file on OS X by running make dmg and you can copy required Qt libraries to test with make windows.

Copyright (C) 2010-2015 Tadej Novak

VLC-Qt is free (libre) software. This means that the library source code is available to public, anyone is welcome to research how the application works, participate in its development, freely distribute the application and spread the word!

This project may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.md.


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