Available Buttons

The following is a list of buttons available for the maintainers of the project:

: Add a documentation page.

: Delete documentation page. API pages can be deleted as well.

: Mark page (including API pages) as part of the Basic or Advanced tutorial.

: Edit page (including API pages) using Markdown. API pages can diverge from the documentation inside your code.

[≠] : View changes relative to the autodoc version. You can then merge or discard these changes.

: Project settings, where there are additional options:

Project Settings

The following are a list of options available through the project settings:

Project wide:

  • Edit Project Brief.

  • Edit Project License.

  • Edit Project Tags.

  • Edit Project Maintainers.

  • Edit Project Autodoc Settings.

  • Edit Project Extensions.

  • Add New Version.

  • Delete Project.

Version specific:

  • Recreate Autodoc.

  • Edit Release Date.

  • View Changed Pages (current vs autodoc).

  • Delete Version (Full delete or mark as obsolete).